Freepops rpm for Fedora

FreePOPs is an easily extensible program, which allows access to the most varied resources through the POP3 protocol.
Mainly, it can be used to download mail from the most famous webmails, but it could also be used as an aggregator for RSS feeds and much more. This way it is possible to get all your messages in your favorite email client.

x86_64 builder are welcome! Contact me if you want help me!

How to install:

The best way to install freepops on a Fedora distribution is using yum.
Click here and install flaurita-release package
as root:

$ yum install freepops

Using rpm command:

  1. Download last available rpm
  2. Move into the download directory

On a shell as root:

$ rpm -Uvh freepops-x.x.x.rpm

Make sure that you have all of the required packages installed:

  • lua
  • readline
  • ncurses
  • openssl
  • curl
  • expat


17/05/2009 FreePOPs for the Fedora core 11 (Reign) (Leonidas) is ready!

Yes it is

05/01/2009 New FreePOPs 0.2.9 is ready!

Happy new year and enjoy with this new release!

19/12/2008 RPM for Fedora Core 10 are ready!

The FreePOPs is now available for the new Fedora core 10.
Thanks for the patients!

05/11/2008 New rpm version 0.2.8-1 is ready

New release of FreePOPs is now ready for the upgrade

01/09/2008 x86_64 rpms are ready!

With my new 64 bit laptop I’m now able to build x86_64 packages!
Fedora core 9 are ready fore the download through my yum repository.

For older version wait a while please! :)

14/06/2008 New rpm version 0.2.7-3 is ready

This release includes minor enhancement and minor bugfix. Now the package can be compiled on x86_64 too

29/05/2008 New rpm version 0.2.7-2 is ready

It includes a lot of changes focused on the updater package. The updater has a nice desktop entry and with other helpers file it will prompted for the root password when you run it from your system tool menu.

The default config parameters in /ect/sysconfig/freepopsd has been changed from



FREEPOPSDARG=”-b -s nobody.nobody -p 2000 -l /var/log/freepopsd”

It means that freepopsd now runs with the user nobody:nobody and it listens on port 2000 instead the default pop3 port 110. Plus /var/log/freepopsd is used as log file


27/05/2008 New version of freepops (0.2.7) has been released

Build for Fedora 9 is ready!

Fedora 8 is now supported! (Many thanks to Sumedh Wale)

Fedora Core 8 builder wanted!
I’m looking for a FC8 users which want help me to support this new release. I’m unable to have a fresh FC8 installation at the moment!

15/06/2008 Now rpms are compiled under mock system on a dedicated hardware. x86_64 builder are welcome!

At starting from June 28 2007 freePOPs will be delivered through my yum repository making installation/upgrade easy.
Fedora release 6 and release 7 will be supported

The best way to install my yum repo is to install this package

Browse the repository:

Changelog (taken from the freepops.spec file):

* Mon Jan 05 2009 0.2.9-1
-Upstream updated
-zenity patch has been removed
-dialog patch has been removed

* Sun Nov 30 2008 0.2.8-2
-Makefile patch updated

* Mon Nov 03 2008 0.2.8-1
-Upstream updated

* Mon Jul 12 2008 0.2.7-3
-logrotate entry for /var/log/freepopsd has been addedd
-Moving %%{_prefix}/lib to %%{_libdir} for x86_64.
-Fixed orphans directory

* Sat Jun 28 2008 0.2.7-2
-Desktop entry for the updater has been added
-Added helper file for run the updater with console helper
-Better langs file installation
-manual.pdf has been updated
-Now freepopsd by default will run as nobody.nobody listening on port 2000
-Now freepopsd creates a log file into /var/log/freepopsd

*Thu Jun 26 2008
-Version upgraded 0.2.7-1

*Mon Dec 03 2007
-New FreePOPs 0.2.6-1 (fc6/fc7/fc8 by yum)

*Thu June 28 2007
-New FreePOPs 0.2.5-1 (fc6/fc7 by yum)

*Sun Jun 03 2007 0.2.4-1
-New FreePOPs version 0.2.4
*Sun Apr 01 2007 0.2.2-1
-New FreePOPs version 0.2.2

* Sat Mar 24 2007 0.2.0-3
-Bug fix freepops-updater-dialog: we have mktemp no tempfile

* Wed Mar 21 2007 0.2.0-2
– Bug fix for missing default update directory
– ftk gui package has been added

* Tue Mar 13 2007 0.2.0-1
– First build for Fedora core 6

Old RPM (obsolete)
0.2.0-3: RPM RPM-updater SRPM

0.2.0-2: RPM RPM-updater SRPM
0.2.0-1: RPM SRPM

Provides any feedback about rpms using this page please.

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89 Responses to “Freepops rpm for Fedora”

  1. When I try to install freepops I get the following message:

    error: Failed dependencies: is needed by freepops-0.2.0-2.i386
    lua is needed by freepops-0.2.0-2.i386

  2. Thanks,

    but by the time I read your answer I have already solved manually installing the required lua rpm from , so I didn’t try your solution, although I believe it’s much better. I will note it down in case I need it in the future. Thanks again! :)

    p.s. – the “Reply to this comment” link leads to a page with the message “Error 404 – Not Found”.

  3. Hi, it seems that when I try to use either yum or rpm method I get an error message saying that I need rtld(GNU_HASH). There is a missing dependency I believe, however the rtld is part of glibc which is already installed fully on my FC5 system.

    Any suggestions?


    • I’m sorry, it’s my fault!
      I don’t write no where that my packages are for FC6 only!
      I’ll fix it.
      BTW try to recompile my packages by yourself.
      Download the last SRPM and try to do:

      $ rpmbuild –rebuild freepops-0.2.0-3.src.rpm

      Let me know!


  4. Hi again,

    I tried to recompile, however, some setting of mine is probably wrong since I get a warning before I compile that “user Francesco Laurita can not be found – using root”. After that it goes on to recompile, but I get NO new rpm file and of course when i try to do yum localinstall etc it simply fails.

    thanks anyway for the time to answer and help

    • You can ignore the warning.

      how the build procedure exit? does it fail with some errors? if not
      you should find the new rpm into /usr/src/redhat/RPM/i386

  5. I tried to install freepops. I just exactly followed the way described above. am able to install the rpm successfully but when i start the service it says

    Starting freepopsd: /bin/bash: line 1: 28030 Floating point exceptionfreepopsd -d -b -p 110

    am trying this in fedora core 5.

    Anybody help me what is the problem …….!!!!!!

    • Try to start it manually without init.d script:

      $ freepopsd -d -b -p 110

      Could be an init.d script issue due to different version between my FC6 and your FC5.
      I’m sorry but i haven’t a FC5 to analyze the problem in deep

  6. :Snif: No 2.4 Rpms

    :Snif: No Fedora 7 rpms either

    I took your src.rpm and rebuilt on my brand new Fedora 7. Then I thought “Well Hey!” So I changed your spec file and pointed it to the 2.3 source and then I built rpms (although I had to comment out patch one). Feeling supremely confident in my uber rpm hacking abilities I changed the spec file once again. This time to point to 2.4…

    Sono sconfitto. Sono disonore.

    • The new version 0.2.4 is out!
      Unfortunately i haven’t a fc7 machine right now so i can’t provide rpm for FC7.
      Mybe it could be works on fc7 too. Let me know

  7. Grazie!!!!!

  8. Just tested on an FC7 machine….it seems to not work. is needed by freepops-0.2.4-1.fc6.i386
    fltk is needed by freepops-updater-0.2.4-1.fc6.i386 is needed by freepops-updater-0.2.4-1.fc6.i386

    All dependencies are installed.
    Let’s wait or just tell me how create my own rpms :)

    • I see! It has to be rebuilded.
      I hope to do it asap.

      BTW you can rebuild it just rebuildig the last src package

      $ rpmbuild –rebuild freepops-0.2.4-1.fc6.src.rpm

      let me know

  9. Ok, it works! Just rebuilded your src rpm and it works like a charm!


  10. Hi! Nice the fake minus to prevent the copy and paste in the shell for the noobiest users .. haha

    Sei italiano Francesco?

  11. Hi,
    are you planning to provide the rpm for fedora core 7?


  12. In the mean time I have tried to rebuild the fc6 package and I got two packeges:

    freepops-0.2.4-1.fc6.i686.rpm freepops-updater-0.2.4-1.fc6.i686.rpm

    I have installed both.

    First question: should I install both or it is enough the first one?

    Second; freepops seems working
    [root@localhost mex]# /etc/init.d/freepopsd start
    Starting freepopsd: [ OK ]
    [root@localhost mex]# /etc/init.d/freepopsd status
    freepopsd (pid 17315) is running…

    BUT thunderbird reply me: no connection to host. As matter of fact, even the telnet command say me that there is no process waiting in the port 2000:

    [mex@localhost ~]$ telnet localhost 2000
    telnet: connect to address Connection refused

    I have shutdown my firewall just in case but nothing happend.
    Any suggestions, please?


    • Hi Massimo!
      First package is the freepops daemon and it’s enough to woks.
      The updater package contains a graphical frontend for updating the lua scripts. Not really needed. you can choose to use the freepops-updater-dialog program shipped with the first package.

      The default installation binds the socket on the loopback interface at port 110
      So in thunderbird you have to use localhost as server ad 110 as port.
      You can change this settings by editing the file /etc/sysconfig/freepopsd


  13. Hello Francesco,

    I’m using Fedora 7 x86_64. I tried to rebuild your src.rpm file for my arch. Unfortunately I got errors and couldn’t build the RPM:

    I used the following command as root:

    rpmbuild –rebuild freepops-0.2.5-1.fc7.src.rpm

    OUTPUT (abbreviated):


    extracting debug info from /var/tmp/freepops-0.2.5-1.fc7-root-root/usr/lib/freepops/
    cpio: freepops-0.2.5/modules/src/log/: No such file or directory
    cpio: freepops-0.2.5/modules/src/luabind/: No such file or directory
    cpio: freepops-0.2.5/modules/src/luay/: No such file or directory
    cpio: freepops-0.2.5/modules/src/session_lua/: No such file or directory
    cpio: freepops-0.2.5/updater-ui/fltk/: No such file or directory
    1207 blocks


    Processing files: freepops-updater-0.2.5-1.fc7
    error: File not found: /var/tmp/freepops-0.2.5-1.fc7-root-root/usr/lib64/freepops/
    Processing files: freepops-debuginfo-0.2.5-1.fc7
    Requires(rpmlib): rpmlib(CompressedFileNames)

  14. Hi Francesco!

    Thanks for your work. But the source rpm doesn’t rebuild on my machine. :( Will there be a binary 64-bit release (x86_64) for Fedora 7?


  15. I tryed to install freepops under fedora 7 and it dosen´t work.It just won´t start

  16. Thanks so much for the great work.

    I was able to build your source package on Centos 5 x86. It works! At some point, I’ll post the binaries somewhere for people to download.

  17. I downloaded your FC6 specfile and used it to generate an RPM for my FC4 pc (yeah, yeah). Worked like a charm. Thanks.

  18. I have a F8, may help you?

    It’s a x86_64 achitecture.


  19. Francesco, I have a Fedora 8 box. I also just rebuild your src rpm. How can I help?

    Looking forward to 2.6 src being posted.


  20. Hello Francesco, I have a pretty new Fedora 8 box.
    I downloaded the SRPM package you provided, I install it, then made a “rpmbuild -ba” and installed the two resulting RPM (freepops package and updater).
    Everything works fine.
    I just made a bit of customization:
    1) added a new user freepops.freepops to my box
    2) added a new log dir into /var/log/frepopsd
    3) modified the options in /etc/sysconfig/freepopsd to adding “-s freepops.freepops -l /var/log/freepopsd/logfile.txt” to execute freepops as freepops user and to leave a log about its working

    • Good hints ;)!
      In this way freepops runs on unprivileged user which is always better rather than runs it as root.
      Maybe i’ll add this configuration in the next release


  21. I did first:

    rpm -Uvh flaurita-release-1.0-1.fc.noarch.rpm

    then I got the following error when trying to install freepops: [Errno 14] HTTP Error 404: Not Found
    Trying other mirror.
    Error: Cannot open/read repomd.xml file for repository: flaurita

    • It seems you are trying to install my package trough yum into a FC5 box which is not supported.

      You can try to download the rpm directly following this link:

      Or maybe you can try to rebuild the package from the source package available here:

      • Thanks for your answer :) I am trying to install it on my CentOS 5.1. I have now tried:

        yum localinstall freepops-0.2.6-1.fc8.i386.rpm

        But then I get the following errors:

        Error: Missing Dependency: is needed by package freepops
        Error: Missing Dependency: is needed by package freepops
        Error: Missing Dependency: lua >= 5.1 is needed by package freepops
        Error: Missing Dependency: is needed by package freepops

        • I have also tried fc7 and fc6 rpms getting fewer errors:

          yum localinstall freepops-0.2.6-1.fc7.i386.rpm

          Error: Missing Dependency: lua >= 5.1 is needed by package freepops
          Error: Missing Dependency: is needed by package freepops
          Error: Missing Dependency: is needed by package freepops

          yum localinstall freepops-0.2.6-1.fc6.i386.rpm

          Error: Missing Dependency: is needed by package freepops
          Error: Missing Dependency: lua >= 5.1 is needed by package freepops

          • Ok so no luck with my binary package on centoOS.

            You have to rebuild it starting by the source package and tuning the dependencies that are focused on the fedora distribution.

            Edward wrote:

            “Thanks so much for the great work.

            I was able to build your source package on Centos 5 x86. It works! At some point, I’ll post the binaries somewhere for people to download.”

            So i think there is not so much work to do

            To rebuild it you need the srpm package

            let me know

          • Thanks again… which source package am I supposed to use, the one for FC6, 7 or 8?

            I can’t find the srpm package through yum but I have found this:

            mock.i386 0.6.13-1.el5.centos.1 extras
            Matched from:
            Mock takes a srpm and builds it in a chroot

          • Ok, I managed to do that through the rpmbuild command:

            rpmbuild –rebuild freepops-0.2.6-1.fc6.src.rpm

            I installed all the needed packages but in the end I still get the error:

            error: Failed build dependencies:
            lua-devel >= 5.1 is needed by freepops-0.2.6-1.i386

            The installed lua-devel version is 5.0.2-1.el5.rf

          • I suggest to use the last rpms version available for the FC8.

            It seem CentOS ships an older version of the lua package.
            I’m not sure if freepos works with lua 5.0 but i think so since Edward made it works.

            So you need to edit the spec file instead do just a rebuild.
            To do so:
            1) install the srpm with rpm -Uvh as normal user
            2) Look for freepops.spec into ~/rpmbuild/SPECS
            3) Edit file looking for BuildRequires: lua-devel >= 5.1 and try to downgrade the required version with the version of lua shipped into CentOS (5.0)
            4) Rebuild the package whith rpmbuild -ba freepops.spec and pray 😀

          • Thanks again for your time and sorry for bothering. I did that and got the following error:

            make[1]: *** [luabox.o] Error 1
            make: *** [src] Error 2
            error: Bad exit status from /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.94726 (%build)

          • Problem solved. Freepops installed successfully on CentOS 5.1. These are the steps I followed:

            1. Download the latest src.rpm from
            (for example freepops-0.2.6-1.fc8.src.rpm)

            2. Download “lua-devel-5.1-6.fc5.i386.rpm” and “lua-5.1-6.fc5.i386.rpm” from:
            (select “Advanced Search”, then “Fedora Core 5″ and search for “lua”).

            3. As root:
            yum install ncurses-devel
            rpm -Uvh lua-devel-5.1-6.fc5.i386.rpm lua-5.1-6.fc5.i386.rpm
            mkdir -p rpmbuild/SOURCES
            rpmbuild –rebuild freepops-0.2.6-1.fc8.src.rpm
            cd /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/i386
            rpm -ivh freepops-0.2.6-1.i386.rpm freepops-updater-0.2.6-1.i386.rpm –nodeps
            service freepops start
            ntsysv (select freepopsd to run it at startup)

          • There is another point I’d like to add (this should be done before starting the service, or you may do this afterwards and then restart the service):

            4. edit the /etc/sysconfig/freepops content, changing it from
            FREEPOPSDARG=”-b -p 110″
            FREEPOPSDARG=”-p 2000″

          • RE: Red Hat/Centos 5
            There also seems to be an EL5 repo that can be installed with

            It seems to have FreePOPs for EL5. Also, Lua 5.1 is available in the atrpms repo — .

            So, if you add these two repos to your yum config, you should be able to install and update FreePOP automatically.

            It might be a good idea to include that info and have a EL5 link on the FreePOPs download page pointing here.

  22. I just wanted to say thanks for all the info on this page. I am using FreePOPs with Seamonkey for my Yahoo! account. If you ever need a builder for future releases, let me know. I always keep a spare computer or two to try out new versions of various Linux distributions.

  23. Hi Francesco,
    are you thinking about the new rpm for freepops?


  24. Thank you Francesco.

    The realese freepops-0.2.7-1.fc8 worked well, but now with the release freepops-0.2.7-2.fc8 I got: connection refused.

    It seems not possible to connect to the localhost.

    I have restarted the freepop service many times, it seems ok, but my email client (thunderbird) is not able to download the mesagges.


    • Hi massimo!
      I’ve introduced a lot of change into new rpm but i don’t have updated the page with the new information yet :(

      The file /etc/sysconfig/freepopsd has been changed.
      Now freepops listens on port 2000 and it runs with user nobody:nobody for security reasons.
      If you want use “old” method you need just edit that file.

      A side note: /etc/sysconfig/freepopsd is marked as config file into the rpm and the directive “noreplace” should be applied during the upgrade process but if the user has never changed the original file, the file will be overwritten without create the “.prmsave” back up

      Let me know if it works for you

  25. Hello,

    for me, the rebuilding of the src.rpm fails. I am on a x86_64 system, so I have to rebuild the packages to use them. I receive the following error message:

    Checking for non-packed file(s): /usr/lib/rpm/check-files /var/tmp/freepops-0.2.7-2.fc9-root-root
    Error: Installed (but not packed) file(s) found:

    Error building RPMS:
    File not found: /var/tmp/freepops-0.2.7-2.fc9-root-root/usr/lib64/freepops/
    Installed (but not packed) file(s) found:

    As you can see, there are some directories mixed up. I was unable to figure out, where I had to change something, to get the directory of the libraries correct. I hope you can find the cause of this problem…

    Additional info: I am on F9, x86_64 system, latest kernel, required devel packages are installed. The error messages were translated from German into English by myself.



  26. I have updated my fedora 32bit to

    and now I am not able to download messagges. I got:
    sending password did not succeed: Mail server local host responded: e to capture /cgi%-bin/webmail% …

    If I understand correctly the new version is for x86 processors. I have Fedora 8 for i386 and yum proposes me this updata. Is it correct?


    • Hi massimo,
      The new version is fixed for the x86_64 but my rpms are for i386 only.

      The issue seems related at one or more out of date plugins.

      Did you installed the freepops-updater package?

      Do you run sometime the freepops-updater ?

      let me know

  27. freepops-updater-dialog fixs it!


  28. It seems that the libero’s guys has changed something.
    freepops-updater-dialog is not up to date with the last libero.lua.

    I have tried to download it from the freepops’ forum, but It does not work.

    Any idea?


  29. Never mind, they just update the libero.lua file.

    Sorry for my spam.


  30. Is there a way to setup a cron job which automatically updates the modules? It is very inconvenient to be forced to run freepops-updater-dialog manually every once in a while…

    • Hi!

      No way with the dialog.
      I’m testing my own update notifier and I’ll release it in a while.

      BTW you could use something like this:

      $ upd=`freepopsd -e updater.lua php fetch_modules_metadata | grep "should_update: true" | wc -l` && [ $upd -gt 0 ] && echo "run the updater please"

      Let me know!


  31. Does someone try freepop in Fedora 10?
    Does it work?

    Let me know, please.


  32. Hi Francesco,

    I just bought an Acer Aspire One with Linus Linpus preinstalled, I believe Fedora distribution should be ok. Any special instructions for this small device? How can I start Freepops when the computer is powered on?

    Thanks for your help, my experience with Linux is 3 days old.

    • Hi Luca!
      Welcome to the Linux world!
      IMHO, Fedora is a good distribution for beginner user! It is focused for desktop user.
      Freepops is shipped with init.d script so you simply activate it at boot by typing “chkconfig freepops on” as root.

      Note that there is an administrative GUI too



  33. Hi,
    just tried to install freepop on Fedora 10. When I try to update my packages, I got:

    [root@shrek ~]# yum update
    Loaded plugins: refresh-packagekit [Errno 14] HTTP Error 404: Not Found
    Trying other mirror.
    Error: Cannot retrieve repository metadata (repomd.xml) for repository: flaurita. Please verify its path and try again

    Any ideas?

  34. Dear Francesco,

    I just installed freepops on my small Linux Linpus Aspire One using yum and everything was fine, I enjoyed the automatic installation a lot!!!!

    For starting freepopsd (and not freepops!) automatically at boot the command “chkconfig freepops on” was not working, but I managed it adding freepopsd to the xfce4-autostart-editor I found in the file system, and now freepopsd is in execution after the boot.

    But…. I have a problem. When I download large emails (3 MB or more) my mail client (Aspire One mail) never complete the download, giving a strange “Rete instabile – Accesso non riuscito” error.

    I am quite sure it’s a freepops problem since if I try to download the same email from a server that doesn’t need freepops, everything completes correctly (many tests done).

    On my other machine (desktop windows) this error never happens.

    If I download smaller files, everything is fine.

    In case I am available for other tests, if you believe they can be useful.

    Thanks a lot.


  35. I made another test in a different cell and the problem doesn’t seem to be present any more. Perhaps it was really a network problem. Thanks anyway.


    • Hi Diego!

      Making FreePoPs compliant with the Fedora’s packages policies isn’t so simple.

      Freepops uses at least 3 external libraries:


      It means I have to submit three packages first since they does not exist into the official repository.

      After that this three packages will be ready and approved (that is not so simple) I’ll have to modify the build process of freepops program since freepops uses a module called luabox (from luabox.c) that needs header file came from the external libraries.

      As you can see isn’t a simple task making freepops ready for Fedora policy and I have no time atm :(

      Any help will be appreciate 😀


  36. Hello, (I’m italian too, but i’m trying to speak English for others) here is my question: is there a new version of your repo for fedora 11?
    The one that I’ve installed is ok, but when I use yum or Package-kit, there is the following msg:
    “Cannot retrieve repository metadata (repomd.xml) for repository: flaurita. Please verify its path and try again”
    I’m not very expert in Linux…
    Anyway, do I have to modify any configuration file? (I don’t know which and where they are) or do I just wait for a new version?


  37. Yes!!
    I can use the repo without problems, thanks!!!
    If there are any other problems (I hope no) I’ll tell you

  38. Hi Francesco,

    Just some things I have done in my configuration:

    1) added -n flag in the /etc/sysconfig/freepopsd file
    The daemon will create a file /var/run/ as root but unable to access it later as it drops privileges due to -s nobody.nobody flag.
    2) in file logrotate.d/freepopsd replaced restart by condrestart
    If I have installed the package it doesn’t mean I want to have it work when the system decide to rotates log files :)

    If any of them make sense for you please add them to the rpm package.

  39. re: configure file

    @Comment by Glandvador can you help

    does anyone know how to configure this issue/problem of the file not being created under mac osx 10.4.11 tiger?

    I have this problem too because apple is run under a regular non-admin user accounts only.

    ie. not running apple to send/retrieve emails under admin account

    it should be somewhat similar to configuring a unix file, correct?

    Thank you for any assistance and help as to what to do.


  40. Hello!
    When I try to install Freepops on Fedora 14, the system tell that is requires.
    How can I get it?
    How can I do?
    Thank You.

  41. Can you update for Fedora 14, please

  42. Hi,
    are planning to update your repo? There have been many new changes in freepops last weeks, and I would like to know if there is any change that “yum install freepops” will work again.


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