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Francesco Laurita

Friends and other stuffs

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Francesco Laurita

Francesco Laurita was born in milan (italy) on 9th April 1980. I studied industrial chemistry at the high school (ITIS E. Molinari) from 1994 to 1999. My final examination was about advanced techniques for stumental's urban water analysis.

My studies definitively were stopped after two years of informatic in the Science and Mathematical department in Milan

From about five years i'm working in a BroadBand and ISP company as software engineer.


Francesco Laurita on his bike


First for all my suzuki sv 650s. It's not just an interest but is a real and important component of my life. It's quite difficult for me to explain what a bike is for who isn't a biker. To be a biker is a lifestyle

To be a biker is riding free in the wind, having the best time any man could have in one short lifetime.

Francesco Laurita on track

That's all! That's why you'll see some of us dying in the wind, never really growing up, never losing the love of two wheels, and always having the gall to ride and dress as we damned well please.

Others interest are about travels, make a lot of photos, I.T.'s stuff, writing useful/useless utilities/softwares for free

Love/Hate pills

Francesco loves:

Francesco Laurita's cat
  • Ride his bike
  • His fat and big cat
  • Watching movies
  • Watching tv-series
  • All of his ex-girlfriends
  • dawn sunset rainbow
  • Cameron Diaz
  • To eat meat
  • To read a book after someone tells to him:"Hei! this book is cool!"

Francesco hates:

Fortune and CowSay on PHP

I'm sorry but i have no time to hate


A:Why this page?

R:Couse have a .info domain is so cool!

A:Do you think someone is really interested to read this site?

R:You are doing

A:Do you have a girlfriend?

R:Mumble...let me think...maybe yes....maybe not!
mobile is ringing....
-"Eh?!?! Francesco What are you saying???"
-"Uh? dear? are you? ehm..."
R: Yes sure!!! I gotcha!!!

A:Why a nice boy like you haven't a girlfriend?

R:Mumble...let me think...did you read above?!


Even if I do not understand why you would have to contact to me, try to open you favorite e-Mail client and send an e-Mail to: francesco, put an @, francesco-laurita, put a dot, info

If you need to contact me in a secure way, this is my pgp public key

I will be happy to read and reply to all (?!?)


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